We love where we live and are passionate about helping make a difference in our city and region. That’s why we partner with different organizations, tackle large projects throughout the year, organize monthly opportunities to serve, and why our community groups regularly engage mission. We want to honor God by loving like Jesus.

Monthly Opportunities

Grace Church has partnered with a number of organizations around the Reno/Sparks area in order to provide for local needs. These are opportunities in which any individual or small groups can participate. Grace Church also encourages its members to seek ways to serve in their local communities through stocking food pantries around town, environmental clean up, visiting and caring for the sick or anything else that the Lord might lay on their hearts. We love hearing stories of God’s grace being poured out into the lives of those in need! Send us an email and share your story!

Reno-Sparks Gospel Mission

Grace Church has several teams who purchase, cook, and serve food to the homeless at the Reno-Sparks Gospel Mission on a monthly basis.

Rosewood Rehabilitation Center

Volunteers visit Rosewood Rehabilitation Center monthly as a group. They focus on the long-term care residents by playing Bingo with them, or visiting individuals in their rooms. The goal is for individual volunteers to “adopt a grandparent” and visit them at other times through the month. The mission is to show them the love of Christ in a tangible way by loving and spending time with them.


Pathfinders is a ministry for inner-city and at-risk children that meets every Friday night. The activities for the evening include dinner, indoor games, Bible lessons, worship, and crafts.

Grace's Food Pantry

The Food Pantry of Grace Church exists to help those families and individuals that are in need of emergency food. Our Food Pantry consists of non-perishable food items and a limited supply of paper products and baby items. All items for our food pantry are donated by members of Grace Church throughout the year. Donations are always accepted. You can drop them off at the church office during the week or to a Hello Team member during Sunday services. The Hello Team are the ones in the blue shirts!

Community Partners

We love Reno/Sparks! There is much potential for serving our local community through partnering with other local organizations who make a difference in our region. To serve with these partners, click on the links below for information or email us.

Big Brothers/Big Sisters

Big Brothers/Big Sisters one-to-one mentoring makes a huge difference in the lives of kids.

Crisis Pregnancy Center

Crisis Pregnancy Center exists to serve women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy and need answers. In a friendly, compassionate atmosphere, trained peer counselors provide help and hope for the future.

Crisis Call Center

Crisis Call Center volunteers are available to answer calls from individuals who are contemplating suicide. Training is provided.

Local Government

The City of Reno, City of Sparks, and Washoe County exist to serve our community. So naturally they have many programs and opportunities to help out in and with –tutoring students, cleaning a public space, recreation, and more.

For service project ideas or additional information on any of the monthly service opportunities, email Allen Battle, Care Director and cityServe Team Leader at 747-9000 x270.


An important aspect of living and teaching the Great Commandment and the Great Commission is reaching out to people around the world through missions.


About Our Partners

Grace Church is partnering with ministries around the globe to demonstrate the love of God by meeting spiritual and physical needs. The Gospel is at the center of every ministry and is delivered in many ways such as church planting, orphanages, feeding centers, educational support, youth ministries & social justice efforts.

Check each of the continents to see how we’re engaged in mission around the world. You are encouraged to use the mission contact information to become acquainted with our missionaries and join in – sign up for newsletters; pray regularly; send encouraging letters. Each one of us has a role to play. For additional information, email Allen Battle or call him at 775.747.9000 x270.

North America

PaceSetter Ministries - Bob Wilson

PaceSetter Ministries is committed to establishing and training groups of leaders–pastors and laymen, in the United States and abroad–through the practical application of the Word of God in real life situations. This is accomplished by encouraging men and women in discipleship training, family relationship development, and “Back to Basics” renewal conferences.

Colony Christian Fellowship - Bruce Root

CCF is a local ministry to Native Americans. Bruce Root, a former Grace elder, is now pastor of Colony Christian Fellowship where he is training native leaders to take the church into the next generation. Contact Bruce at 775.324.0324.

International Student Ministry - Mike Cutler

International Student Ministry is reaching UNR’s international students for Christ – Sharing the Gospel with over 40 countries. Mike Cutler, along with his team of volunteers share Christ through “friendship evangelism” with international students in Reno so they can impact their home country in the future.

Awaken INC - Melissa Holland

Melissa has her masters in Marriage and Family Therapy and specifically works with woman who have ben commercially sexually exploited here in Reno. Melissa has founded Awaken INC to share the love of Jesus with them and help them out of their current lifestyle. Awaken’s mission is to increase awareness and education surrounding the issue of sexual exploitation and to provide shelter and rehabilitation for its victims. Email Melissa.

Hope In Learning - Bob Gunn

The purpose of HIL is to work through itinerant pastors and missionaries in developing countries to identify and qualify potential students living in poverty with no other possible means to obtain an education. Once qualified with a trustworthy mentor alongside, HIL provides a grant for tuition and other necessary expenses, one semester at a time, until graduation from a local college or university.


Russia School Fund - Vera Evsakova & Tamara Turahanova

Vera and Tamara are Russian teachers who came to faith through the ministry of Grace Church. Since 1997, retired Grace Pastor Bob Gunn has worked closely with them to develop their ministry. In addition to evangelism and discipleship, they hold training seminars to teach Biblical values to public school teachers. Email Vera and Tamara.

Project Hungary - Rev. Michael Braun

Reverend Michael Braun oversees the translation of theological books into the Hungarian language. Bible believing pastors have very few resources available to them in their own language. Project Hungary is changing that. Email Rev. Michael.

Heart to Heart International - Marianna

Heart To Heart International Ministries exists to share God’s love with the poor and orphaned in Romania by proclaiming the Gospel message, offering physical help to those in need, and training people to become faithful followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Christian Light Foundation - Rey Platon

Former banker and Reno resident Rey Platon is a Filipino-American who retired to become a full-time missionary. Rey travels to the Philippines several times each year to take the Gospel into areas that are inaccessible to non-Filipinos. Email Rey.

Global Surge - Greg Lyons & Feeding Center

Global Surge is a ministry in the Philippines founded by Greg & LuAnn Lyons. Their vision is: “To see communities commit to the Truth in all areas–spiritual, economic, social and physical — a hope resulting in global change.” They are accomplishing this through Church Planting, Youth Camps (over 100,000 students attended last year!), Feeding Centers, a fully accredited Bible College, and many more ministries too numerous to list here.

Maranatha Faith Ministries - Moses Choudary

Maranatha Faith Ministries was started in the year 1982 with a God given vision and strategy to reach the unreached people groups in the country of India by Pastor Moses Choudary. Today, this ministry has 150 pastors & churches, three Bible Schools training youth for the ministry, four Children’s Homes (one of which is completely supported by Grace Church) with 350 boys & girls from orphan, poor, and needy backgrounds, an Asram for widows & the destitute, and a monthly magazine and a television ministry.

Youth for Christ International - Nico Thapa (Nepal)

Nico Thapa is a staff member of YFC International in Nepal. He evangelizes and disciples teens in the cities. Grace has established an education fund to further his training.

Middle East Missions

Grace supports a missionary team in a Middle Eastern country where missionary activities are illegal. They live and minister in a poor, unreached area with more than 20 million people and no indigenous church. Their ministry is pioneering a new and unreached field in this undisclosed location. Their mission statement is, “We live to spread a passion for the supremacy of Jesus Christ by planting and coaching indigenously-led, reproducing house churches through compassionate service and compelling witness.” They have three overarching team goals, they aim to multiply house churches, church-planting teams, and good works. Learn more about Middle Eastern missions.


Kenya Christian Students Fellowship - Mutuma Muguna Dan

“Every student for Jesus.” Kenya Christian Students Fellowship consists of teachers and other adults who are concerned and involved in secondary school student evangelism and discipleship training in schools throughout Kenya. They are the only Christian organization licensed by the government to have complete access to the public schools.

Redeemed Gospel Church - Patrick Makewa

Patrick Makewa is the former director of Kenya Student Christian Fellowship and is a highly sought after speaker at conferences throughout Eastern Africa. He is planting the Redeemed Gospel Church in a remote village in Kenya. Grace is helping them establish a much needed well that will supply water to thousands of people. Email Patrick.